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Live the Sustainable Margaret River Life

Electric Vehicle Friendly




Since we took the reigns at Kilifi in late 2016, we've been on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint and become a sustainable accommodation provider, while increasing the comfort levels of our guests.


We started by draught proofing and insulating the house, installing LED lighting throughout, and ensuring our firewood was sourced from sustainable FSC plantations.

In September 2018, we  swapped out our electric storage hot water system for a way more efficient and smarter heat pump.


During our major renovation of our managers residence in August 2018, we reduced our reliance on fossil fuels by changing our energy source in the kitchen to all electric

In March 2019, we installed a complete renewable energy solution to supply both the beach house and managers residence. This solar and battery system supplies enough electricity to ensure Kilifi has a net zero emission electricity supply.


Our next sustainability target was transport, and in May 2019 we installed a Tesla Destination Charger. EV owners can charge at up to 7kW, adding 50km of range per hour. This service is complimentary.

We have since eliminated single use plastics in the home, and continue to brainstorm ways to reduce our environmental impact.

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